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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Happy Eid ul Fitri everyone.
May the new moon bring happiness, prosperity, peace and love into all your lives.



Egypeter said...

Hi Usual Suspect.

I found your site through your link on Sandmonkey's blog.

I loved what you said about Egypt. I totally agree with you!

As an American Egyptian Copt I agree with your assesment about Egypt going to the Wahabbi's. It deeply saddens me to see Egypt lose it's 5000 years of splendor to the terrible ideology of the Saudi.

Here's to hoping for a brighter Egypt for ALL Egyptians :)

Kola sana we intom tayabeen!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Eid :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Eid :)

Anonymous said...

Doh! I saw 3 comments and though somebody else commented here... but it was only me commenting twice! Sorry!

The Usual Suspect said...

Hey Egpypeter
welcome welcome ya masri!

The Usual Suspect said...

Hey Craig
Thanks so much mate
Thanks so much mate

Yes, I know I repeated myself.

The Usual Suspect said...

Hey egypeter
tried to get on your blog? Is it out of circulation?

Egypeter said...

Hey there.

One day I will get that thing up and running. Right now, it's just a thought :)

I'm more than content on visiting good people's blogs, like yourself, and commenting there!

Keep up the great work, suspect, because I am a new fan!

God bless Kemet :)

Egypeter said...

And by the way Suspect, I really respect and appreciate what you said over at Sandmonkey's blog in that silly argument with that goof Libyan Warrior. Ya know, you're a model of what an Egyptian muslim should be like. And at the same time it saddens me to see all the good, educated, intelligent Egyptians, Copts and Muslims, leaving Egypt. I mean, my father immigrated to the states and I am so thankful for it. But when I talk to people like Sandmonkey and he tells me it's just a matter of time before he comes to the States I realize that Egypt is in BIG BIG trouble. You talk about the sad divide between Christians and Muslims and I saw it too when I was there 2 years ago. My parents can't believe it and lament about the good 'ol days. Now all I see it Niqab, or at the very least (unless you're a Copt) the hijab. I hear so many terrible stories from new immigrants to Chicago from Egypt about the rising poverty and discrimination. And then I read all the time about the rising popularity of the Ikhwan. The more I think about the more I lose hope...so I'm NOT optimistic.

That's why I'm all for a political party or movement, not for Arab rights or Muslim rights or Christian rights or the Palestinian's rights, how about an Egyptian party for Egyptian's rights? The whole idea of Pan-arabism has been a key factor in reducing Egypt into the collosal mess that it is. So many Egptians have lost their self identity and replaced with an Arab identity that they've imported from the Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. I think this is very dangerous and Egypt's continued decline, I think, proves me right.

Let's hope for a leader that will offer drastic POSITIVE change...

And sorry about the rant, needed to get it off my chest :)

And I have family in Brisbane, can't wait to visit one day :)

The Usual Suspect said...

HI Egypeter
Thanks for all your comments and well wishes- am getting better slowly but the bloody cyst persists!
It's so great to find someone on the same wavelength and with the same passion for Egypt's wellbeing. My parents migrated to Australia when I was only two so I've grown up Aussie but lived in Egypt as a teen and into my twenties where I went to the AUC.That was in the early 90s.
It's hard to accept that Egypt has changed so much in such a short time. My sis lives in Egypt and despite growing up like me as Aussie, she has also succumbed to the mind set there. When I was visiting this year, my 15 year old neice had just started wearing hijab. I asked her why and she said because the girls at her school kept on calling her a Christian. I asked her why she thought that was a bad thing and she said that she didn't but it would mean that if people thought she was Christian her older sisters might miss out on a suitor. I cried.
I cried because it really drove home how much Egypt has changed. When young girls are putting on the hijab for no other reason except because of the social pressure to openly show your differences- then that's a really really bad sign.
When I was at Uni, I dated a Coptic guy and one day Police el Adab caught us parked by the Nile in his car (what can I say- I was cheeky!) As far as they were concerned it wasn't that we were together that was the issue, it was that he was Coptic and I was Muslim.
Thankfully, my boyfriend was from a fairly well to do family and he bribed the police to let us go.
Back then, my circle of friends were both Muslim and Coptic- sometimes we discussed religion but mostly in the context of human rights. In terms of our friendships and our kinship- it didn't matter what religion we were- we were Egyptians and that was all that mattered.
Now I'm ranting- but I share your pessimism about the future. Perhaps things have to get worse before they can start getting better?

Egypeter said...

Gosh, those stories sadden me SO MUCH.

Your little precious niece who's already being taught that there IS a difference b/w her and her Christian friends. So sad. So so sad. The future of Egypt looks dismal to me.

I worry about that damn country every day and I'm stuck here in Chicago unable to really help out. I've never even lived there (all 31 years in Chicago), yet I worry and think about her every day. Oh well.

BTW - that story was too cute about you and your Coptic boyfriend :) Obviously, you're quite different than most. You actually HAVE a heart and mind! I don't doubt there are many "Usual Suspects" in Egypt but we have to empower them. They have to speak up and not let the country go to fundementalists. I just worry that it's too late and the battle has already been lost. I think you're right about things having to get worse before they can get better. I hope...

And how ridiculous, "Police Al Adab!" What a ridiculous notion!!

Take care of yourself ya gameela intee!!

The Usual Suspect said...

Believe me the story was not cute at the time. I was shitting myself!

I remember back then my Mum used to have a saying about the Saudi's because every summer they would take over Egypt with their filth- I couldn't even walk in the street without them making lewd and disgusting comments and staring me up and down. Ok OK- the Egyptian men aren't much better but they don't aakess with filth- usually it's just a bit of fun.

Anyway, my Mum used to say "if you take an old shoe and stuff it full of money, it is still an old shoe. That's what the Saudis are- old shoes with money"

Egypeter said...

Your mom, not mum :), is obviously a smart lady!

And much of the blame for Egypt's societal ills falls on those same wealthy gazma Saudis/Arabs that have imported their brand of Islam/culture on Egypt. EGYPT!! The greatest and most ancient civilization in history is being replaced with a bedouin culture from the Arabian Peninsula instead. I can't understand it and never will. Egypt's superior identity is slowly but surely being chipped away.

I'm sorry if that sounds dramatic, but that's what I see happening to Egypt, the Land of the Pharaohs.

And about the whole aakes thing. I don't know Suspect, walking the streets of Egypt with my sister in '04 amongst the non touristy areas, I could just feel the stares peering through my sister. We hated it. Of course, the stares were non-existant in Sharm and not too bad in Cairo. But in the more local areas it was pretty miserable. It was hard for us to get used to it.

Well, that's why for the rest of my life, Sharm will be a fairly frequesnt vacation destination when in Egypt. It's a slice of Europe right in the middle of Egypt.

The Usual Suspect said...

Yeah I love Sharm too.
When I was living in Egypt, my friends and I used to go camping at a place called Basata on the red sea near Hurghada- beautiful place.

Marina is the new hot spot and supposedly very European but I didn't get a chance to visit when I was there.

Many years ago Agami used to be a hot spot but now it is 'zabala'.

As for the stares- I got them the whole time I was in Egypt but what really pissed me off was when I could hear them whispering "di Messiheya di wala eh" because I don't wear hijab.

Don't worry- stare back and make faces- then they leave you alone. That's what I've always done. I don't care if they think I'm magnoona- I just stare back and if that doesn't work tell them to "piss off freak" in English- they usually stop then.

I will never forget my friend and I being chased through the streets of Zamalek by a taxi driver because I told him to fuck off when he wanted to charge me too much. He started running after us yelling "ana fahim, ana fahim". We laughed so hard- it was hilarious.

If you have time check out www.yallabina.com it's a great site for getting to know what's hot in Egypt.