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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things you don't know about me

Tagged by Mumbo

1. I have a shameless love of free stuff- I will take anything if it is for free- I mean anything. And I have the garish pink lipgloss, blue mascara, green eyeliner, crappy hair products, hotel slippers, little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, logo t-shirts and caps and oversized sunglasses to prove it. I have never worn or used any of them- but who cares- they were FREE!!!

2. I hate massages. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate them. I can't bear for anyone to touch my back, my neck or my feet. It sends a chill up my spine and makes me cringe.

3. I don't do pink. Ever. OK, maybe once or twice- but I was forced to!

4. Unlike Mumbo- I am addicted to horror movies. I love them. I'm one of those losers who goes to the cinema by myself. It's not because I don't have friends- it's just that they would all prefer to see some shmaltzy boo hoo pass the tissues sooky sooky la la romantic comedy (bunch of girlies!)

5. I am Australia's worst road rager. Every morning my work colleagues are subjected to a vitriolic diatribe about how bad EVERY BODY ELSE drives. I have been known to follow people who did not do the 'Thankyou wave' when I have let them in (don't laugh- the thank you wave is right up there in terms of driver etiquette).

6. On more than one occassion a man has called me intimidating. Imagine! Me? Intimidating! Bloody little wussy sooky sooky la la scaredy cats pee in your pants want my mama run like a girlie girl got no balls losers!

7. I have an amaaaaazing propensity to attract freaks, stalkers and weirdos- especially on public transport and at conferences. One guy professed his love for me after 5 minutes of knowing me (yeah- I'm going to run off and marry you because you googled me- STALKER), another I sat next to on a plane tried to invite me to a mass orgy (yeah, I'm going to join you and your fat n' over 40 friends in black leather masks and fluro pink g-strings for some 'real fun'- WEIRDO), when I was 8 months pregnant, I guy I sat next to on a bus begged me to allow him to come to the birth (yeah, I want YOU there while I'm lying there in agony with my legs up in stirrups- FREAK) Life is just one big adventure!

8. I love roller coasters and any kind of ride that takes you to the edge of bringing up your breakfast. But I'm afraid to get on escalators- in case I fall and hurt myself.

9. I love birds- they are my favourite animals. But I'm scared of chickens (chickens are not birds- they don't fly- the evil little buggers!)

and finally....

10. I don't look like anyone- and, to be honest, I feel like I'm missing out on something! Occasionally I've been told that I look like Halle Berry and at other times like Victoria Beckham (eww!!) in a photo but nobody ever says "wow you look just like...". My husband looks like Nicholas Cage and always gets told that- Not fair, I want to be told too!

I'm tagging Raccooooooon, Queen and Path 2 Hope. And I want Howie and Egypeter to tell us all some thing we don't know about them- and it better be good, juicy stuff that we can get our teeth into!