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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things you don't know about me

Tagged by Mumbo

1. I have a shameless love of free stuff- I will take anything if it is for free- I mean anything. And I have the garish pink lipgloss, blue mascara, green eyeliner, crappy hair products, hotel slippers, little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, logo t-shirts and caps and oversized sunglasses to prove it. I have never worn or used any of them- but who cares- they were FREE!!!

2. I hate massages. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate them. I can't bear for anyone to touch my back, my neck or my feet. It sends a chill up my spine and makes me cringe.

3. I don't do pink. Ever. OK, maybe once or twice- but I was forced to!

4. Unlike Mumbo- I am addicted to horror movies. I love them. I'm one of those losers who goes to the cinema by myself. It's not because I don't have friends- it's just that they would all prefer to see some shmaltzy boo hoo pass the tissues sooky sooky la la romantic comedy (bunch of girlies!)

5. I am Australia's worst road rager. Every morning my work colleagues are subjected to a vitriolic diatribe about how bad EVERY BODY ELSE drives. I have been known to follow people who did not do the 'Thankyou wave' when I have let them in (don't laugh- the thank you wave is right up there in terms of driver etiquette).

6. On more than one occassion a man has called me intimidating. Imagine! Me? Intimidating! Bloody little wussy sooky sooky la la scaredy cats pee in your pants want my mama run like a girlie girl got no balls losers!

7. I have an amaaaaazing propensity to attract freaks, stalkers and weirdos- especially on public transport and at conferences. One guy professed his love for me after 5 minutes of knowing me (yeah- I'm going to run off and marry you because you googled me- STALKER), another I sat next to on a plane tried to invite me to a mass orgy (yeah, I'm going to join you and your fat n' over 40 friends in black leather masks and fluro pink g-strings for some 'real fun'- WEIRDO), when I was 8 months pregnant, I guy I sat next to on a bus begged me to allow him to come to the birth (yeah, I want YOU there while I'm lying there in agony with my legs up in stirrups- FREAK) Life is just one big adventure!

8. I love roller coasters and any kind of ride that takes you to the edge of bringing up your breakfast. But I'm afraid to get on escalators- in case I fall and hurt myself.

9. I love birds- they are my favourite animals. But I'm scared of chickens (chickens are not birds- they don't fly- the evil little buggers!)

and finally....

10. I don't look like anyone- and, to be honest, I feel like I'm missing out on something! Occasionally I've been told that I look like Halle Berry and at other times like Victoria Beckham (eww!!) in a photo but nobody ever says "wow you look just like...". My husband looks like Nicholas Cage and always gets told that- Not fair, I want to be told too!

I'm tagging Raccooooooon, Queen and Path 2 Hope. And I want Howie and Egypeter to tell us all some thing we don't know about them- and it better be good, juicy stuff that we can get our teeth into!


Egypeter said...

Well, how the hell do I top that Usual Suspect? Too funny! Since I can't top it I'll just expand on it...

1)You sound EXACTLY like my mom :)

2)Are you NUTS?! How the hell do you not like massages? I've never heard of such a person?! Not only do I LOVE receiving them I love GIVING them. And I know I'm pretty good :)

3)Ehh. I got a copule of pink shirts in my closet.

4)Money!! Couldn't agree with you more. I NEVER miss a horror. I'll watch horror flicks that I know are gonna suck and I'll still usually enjoy them. Have you seen the Saw trilogy? Loved it.

5)I am terrible! I have a notoriously short fuse...in many ways. My frieds and family never cease to remind me :) I definitely need to work on it. And it does extend to my driving.

6)Some may think I'm intimidating...until you come up and talk to me and find out how funny and awesome I am :)

7)Never been invited to an orgy. And thankfully I don't think I attract too many 'weirdos.' A gay guy hit on me once though...does that count?

8)Who doesn't love roller coasters? And I am not afraid of escalators. I prefer them to stairs. And I really appreciate moving walkways too.

9)Birds are cool, I guess. Not my favorite animals. But I am a HUGE animal fan. My sister is a vet and has a Bulldog I love. I've been to the Amazon in Brazil and saw the most amazing display of colorful birds in the world. I'm not afraid of chickens, I find them delicious.

10)I've gotten all kinds of stuff. Tom Hanks, Pete Sampras, Chris Kattan (Mango from SNL), Jeff Gordon (Nascar dude). A bunch of guys I think I look nothing like - I'm way better looking.

There ya go. I hope I divulged way too much info for ya...

howie said...

TUS...Oh should I joke or be serious?...I guess I will do both:

1. I have an unending love for mankind...my humor,cynicism and sarcasm are a way of dealing with pain.

2. If I were God...I would not take away free will, but I would reduce Man's propensity for cruelty.

3. I nearly lost my kids to disease in their early teens...that made me look at the world differently forever.

4. I don't think God adhere's to a religion.

5. I have always attracted wierdo's and oddballs, but I have also attracted some of the nicest people in the world.

6. I love sitting and talking to homeless people...freaks my family OUT.

7. When I was younger...I was told I looked like the singer on Iron Butterfly...then Jon Lennon...now..Woody Allen

8. I give food and cold drinks to the mailman on hot days and I tip fast food workers.

9. I have worked around retarded and distrubed people for over 30 years...and learned they know more about life and living than many of us.

10. I believe in an ultimate redemtion of all mankind...even Saddam and Adolf will earn their ultimate salvation.

11. I have learned that fun and pleasure don't have a whole lot to do with happiness.

12. Horror movies are way too close to reality for me...they leave me disturbed and depressed...I have actually worked with people like some of those guys. Yuk!

The Raccoon said...

LOL :)


5) if you ever stop by Israel, don't drive. Just don't. Israeli drivers are an order of magnitude worse (and ruder) than Aussie ones. You'll have a heart attack :)


7) Fat over-40 guys in leather masks and fluorescent pink G-stings are sexxxy! Especialy if they have hairy, sweaty beer bellies ;)

10) Why not start random conversations with people by stating that you look like Cleopatra? (do you have a big nose?):)

kinzi said...

LOL!! TUS, someday I would love to hear your speak...what a killer-combo accent. I must say, a Masriyya/Aussie gal could be formidable!

I too, hate massages and pink, and love free stuff and roller coasters. Don't do horror. For what it's worth, people tell em all the time I look like Meryl Streep - but NOT like in The Devil Wears Prada. If you are ever curious, I answered this tag on my blog :).

Appreciated your comment on SMs thread on the hymen fatwa. Sounds like another post in the making.

Howie...maybe you need to start blogging!

howie said...

And I tag RK

The Usual Suspect said...

Peter- re 4 Loved the Saw Trilogy but thought 3 was a bit of a let down after hearing reports of people passing out and stuff- bunch of wussies!
And- yes agreed- you do look like Pete Samprass.

Howie- I loved your post! You've have a rich life. I do numbers 6 and 8 too- my family think I'm asking for trouble- they only think that because they are ignorant.

Racoon- yes i do have a big nose actually- at least I think I do- actually, come to think of it- I am often compared to Nefertitti (I think I blogged about it before)

Kinzi- what's your blog address please?

Path2Hope said...

Finally someone else who hates massages! This could turn into an emotional moment for me. You have no idea how many times I've been called strange for hating the blasted thing..

Lol, I'm starting to think that attracting weirdos is an Aries thing. But the the guy you met while pregnant is classic!

kinzi said...

TUS, sorry, I thought it showed when I commented all this time. When I finally learn to link, I will definitely be putting you on the roll!


howie said...


I just read my own post...I sound like a Moron or something...trust me...I have done no shortage of screwball things...like sneaking a gallon of wine into an Elvin Bishop Concert..drinking it in the "shitter" and then stripping half naked, putting on a fake bear skin coat and dancing in front of the stage...a complete..utter and absolute asshole.

hipster said...

loooool,woman, I love your blog:)

You & Hopechild are missing out on the beauty of massages.I looooove going to spa(s)& being pampered. Moroccan bath(s)(I know this will kill you both) & massages are my fave:)

Horror movies were my thing till I watched Sarah Michelle Gellar's " The Grudge" & saw that freak ghost kid next to my bed at night! nOw, I'd rather go to chick flicks & tear-inducing movies:)

Interesting post:)

Drima said...

Hello TUS, it's been a while! =)

Kinzi, I'm telling you her accent is uniquely hilarious. She speaks Arabic with an Australian accent!

howie said...

"5) if you ever stop by Israel, don't drive. Just don't. Israeli drivers are an order of magnitude worse (and ruder) than Aussie ones. You'll have a heart attack :)"

True Raccoon...and now there is sex in the fast lane...so it isn't all bad.

halalhippie said...

Path2Hope, count me in the non-massage club. That makes 3 of us.

Path2Hope said...

Halalhippie, thank you for joining the the non-massage club:)

halalhippie said...

oops! sorry, Kinzi..make that 4 and counting :-)