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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Iktimal gives back Young Australian of the Year Award

Well, all you whingers and whiners on Muslim Village, hope you are happy now.
Iktimal Hage Ali has had to give back her award for Young Australian of the Year and could face losing her job after being arrested on suspicion of links with drug dealers.

Even though she was not charged with anything, the poor girl may also lose her job.

I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist but I wouldn't be surprised if all those people who were so opposed to Iktimal getting the award because she does not wear hijab but does wear nail polish had something to do with this.

What a shame. What a real shame.


Anonymous said...

Ye Gods, this is not even a frame-up. An anonymous "tip" to the police can do this. She's just been fucked over, it seems - a simple and effective character assassination, like spreading a rumor someone's abusing his children.

The timing is too suspicious, frankly, for it to be anything else. I'd be very surprised if she is even tried.

Poor girl.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? This is so unfair, she hasn't been officially charged with anything even! Stories like this make my blood boil.

The Usual Suspect said...

Raccoon and P2H
It's an absolute shame that this has happened. I know Iktimal and support her fully. The real shame is that just when we thought we had a person who could truly reflect the diversity of Muslims in Australia- this happens!

She hasn't been charged with anything but the dickheads on Muslim Village are going crazy with the character assassinations. I don't know how some of the people on that site call themselves Muslims- they are so arrogant and rude- yet they quote the Koran and say "Allah this and Allah that". Just sad- really sad