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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hilaly's Press Statement

I received these two press statements by email. The first was issued by Hilaly in defence of his comments. The second is from the United Muslim Women's Association Inc.

I'll start with Hilaly. First of all there's the high moral ground and insidious references to the "western mentality" as if it is somehow not as sophisticated as the warped Islamist mentality.

Then there is the inference that Muslim women who do not adopt so called "Islamic dress code" are destined to burn in Hell. And as if that is not enough he goes on to condemn those who do not tolerate the "moderate balanced way which I adopt to advocate for women’s issues, national harmony and co-existence, and to hold fast to the love of our Australian home, to protect it from all forms of extreme thoughts and to reject all acts of violence and any act that breaches the rule of law."

What a joke! Moderate? Balanced? Advocate? National harmony?

The fact is that this Press Release actually reiterates exactly what he said- that women should be covered lest THEY provoke men.

What's even sadder is that IT WORKED. The Press Release from the UMWA, who originally spoke out in full force against what he said, now appeases him and blames the media for blowing it out of proportion!

I agree to some extent that it has been blown out of proportion. The Sydney Morning Herald devoted a whole 8 pages to Hilaly's rant. A bit much really don't you think? But that is no excuse to appease him and accept his half arsed apology.

Read it and try not to laugh...

Explanatory Statement by the Mufti Al-Hilaly
Regarding the Recent Media Campaign

I would like to outline clearly and plainly some of the facts and basics that formulate my faith, belief and my understanding of the teachings of the true religion of Islam:

1-The crime of rape against any woman is an abominable crime; it has no justification, and the perpetrator deserves the severest punishment and would not deserve to belong to a religion or to humanity.

2-Women in Australia or any other western society are free to wear what they like, and no Muslim has the right to dictate the rulings of his religion on others. While non-Muslim women can cover or reveal whatever they choose of their bodies, Islamic Shari’a made it incumbent upon Muslim men to lower their gaze. It is prohibited for them to stare at the beauty of strange women.

3- It is my duty as a religious leader to advise Muslim women to adhere to and abide by the Islamic dress code. Having said that, Muslim women are free to comply with or reject my advice, and their reckoning will be with Allah the Almighty.

4-By saying the “exposed meat” displayed in a degrading way is a simile for a woman, making herself subject to abuse by men with diseased souls whose animalistic instincts will overcome them whereby they would abandon their humanity, mind and religion. These men are responsible for their crime.

5-The metaphor I used of the “exposed meat” was not appropriate for the western mentality. It has been quoted and misinterpreted by some groups with ill intentions. This metaphor was used in a private lesson given inside the mosque after the Taraweeh (optional night) prayers on the fourth day of Ramadan. It was meant for the Muslim attendees at the mosque and not the general public and particularly not the general women of our Australian society.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, I would like to make it known to all my brothers and sisters in and out of Australia that:

After the Taraweeh (optional night) prayers on 27/09/2006, at the Lakemba Mosque in Sydney, Australia, I gave a lesson to the members of the Islamic community of Australia, the title of which was: “Why did Allah, the Almighty, mention ‘man’ before ‘woman’ in the crime of theft? as is quoted in the Quran: {[As for] the thief, the male and the female, …} [Al-Ma’idah 5.38] while He mentioned ‘woman’ before ‘man’ in the crime of adultery?, as is quoted in the Quran: {The woman and the man found guilty of adultery or fornication, …} [An-Nur 24.2]”.

This lesson lasted approximately 15 minutes; 10 minutes of these were spent on explaining the meaning of the first verse, and the remaining time was spent on giving advice and guidance relating to the way a woman dresses and the methods of seduction and the beauty given to her by the Almighty Allah. I emphasised that exceeding the limits in this regard is dangerous to both men and women; and that the devil exploits these charms of seduction to tempt both men and women to commit adultery and fornication. In this case, both men and women are committing a sin. So the topic did not deal with the crime of rape.

At the end of the lesson when I was explaining the reason why ‘woman’ was mentioned before ‘man’ in the verse dealing with the crime of adultery, I said it was because she possessed the charm, the methods of seduction and all similar devices given to her by Allah to tempt the man. For that I borrowed a metaphor used by an author called Ar-Rifa’i. He said exposing the meat in an illicit way would encourage the cats to devour it. I didn’t mean by that to humiliate the immodest women; I meant to censure the person who would abandon his humanity and turn into a vicious animal; and there’s a big difference between a cat’s behaviour and that of a human’s, as the latter is commanded and responsible for their actions.

I confess that this analogy is inappropriate and unacceptable for the Australian society and the western society in general.

I am deeply saddened and distressed by the acts of some devious groups which lurk in the dark watching me, and who cannot tolerate the moderate balanced way which I adopt to advocate for women’s issues, national harmony and co-existence, and to hold fast to the love of our Australian home, to protect it from all forms of extreme thoughts and to reject all acts of violence and any act that breaches the rule of law.

Yes, I feel deeply saddened that such an ordinary lesson has been used to slander and defame me after it had been translated with the ill intention of a dubious media that wishes to incite and they present an unfair campaign, the aims of which are very well known.

Once again, I turn to all the women of Australia and the world. You are the shining lights of the world, you are more than half of the society, and you are the daughters, the sisters, the mothers and the aunts. How could any sane person think of humiliating you?

You are the cherished pearls, the dearest thing in the world. So don’t be taken as offerings at the temples of the merchants of pleasure, or advocates of decadence and corruption.

Each one of us is responsible for accounting for his or her own actions before he or she is asked about them by the almighty Allah (on the Day of Judgment). Once again I am very sorry and apologize for what resulted from an unintentional analogy.

With all my respect to the women of the world.

In due course I will take the necessary decision that shall lift the pressures that have been placed on our Australian Muslim community and that which will benefit all Australians.

The pressure of the last couple of days has had an obvious effect on my health and well-being. I ask the public to give my family and I some privacy, time and space to recover. I have also asked for indefinite leave from my duties at Lakemba mosque.


Sheikh Taj El-Deen El-Hilali
Mufti Of Australia


The current situation involving His Emminence Sheikh Taj Aldin Alhilali, Mufti of Australia, is of grave concern to the United Muslim Women's Association.

The collapse of His Emminence today highlights the stress that the media harassment of Sheikh Alhilali has placed him under. The United Muslim Women's Association sends its prayers and well wishes to His Emminence for a speedy recovery.

The manner in which this incident has been scrutinised and sensationalised by the Media has also placed all Muslim women under strain. The United Muslim Women's Association calls on all media outlets to show restraint and decency in the reporting of this matter. Regardless of the controversy itself the method of reportage has been grossly intrusive and inappropriate.

The United Muslim Women's Association further calls on all levels of government to show leadership during this critical time and to temper the language currently being used which is inflaming community ill will against Muslims generally and Muslim women in particular. It is disappointing to see our elected leaders using the current crises for political mileage at the expense of the Muslim community.

His Emminence, Sheikh Taj Aldin Alhilali, has been a long term supporter of the United Muslim Women's Association and a Champion of women's rights generally, not just those of Muslim women. He has been unstinting and unselfish in his support for the betterment of women in our society. He has, and will continue to, enjoy the support of many women, both Muslim and non-Muslim, within our community.

The United Muslim Women's Association accepts the explanation provided by His Emminence, as outlined in his Press Release of today, as to both his words and his intent. The Association considers the matter to be closed and would urge all parties, media, government and community to show responsibility and restraint in allowing His Emminence to recover his health in private.

United Muslim Women's Association Inc.

30th October 2006


The Raccoon said...

Anything to protect the tribe, eh?

Allow me to rephrase UMWA:
"Rape us, abuse us, treat us like cattle - just keep the tribe's honor intact! And in the meanwhile, a diversion: attack the media and the government."

Pathetic. These silly cunts deserve exactly what they're getting.

Anonymous said...

Tis the season, jihadi-nots...

That Holiday-for-Dirty-Unbelieving-Dogs & Pigs is almost here.

Tell her she looks yummy this xmas.

The Usual Suspect said...

Nice rephrasing- I like it. So true, so true. Read my previous post about Enablers to get an idea of what these Muslim women's organisations actually do.

Love the T-shirt. Want to order 20 for Christmas!

Egypeter said...

Well, nothing more needs to be said about the Hilali guy. What else can be said about him? Throw him in jail? Deport him? String him up and let cats eat him? I don't know? Just get rid of the guy and replace him with someone with, at least, LESS radical views.

And the Muslim Women's response to him was just ridiculous.

Leave it to THE 'raccoon' to say it like it is! :)

But you see, it's this type of metality that leads to MOB RAPES of Egyptian women on the streets of Cairo!! It perpetuates that type of behavior! How is that acceptable? Someone should ask this guy what he thinks about those events!!

*arrrgh* SO frustrating!!

BTW - Suspect, your comments over at BP's blog made me smile, hehe, thanks mate :)

Anonymous said...

Where are these Sheikhs with less radical views? The sad thing is that I only know a couple and they have a snowflakes chance of getting anywhere.

The very thing that attracts me to Islam is the very thing that makes it a problem. I'm attracted to disorganised religion. I'm attracted to the absence of ecclesiastical order because to me it means that my religion is based on a personal relationship with me and God and noone else. To me it imbues religion with a sense of personal spirituality and empowers me. To me the Mosque is a place of worship but also a public sphere where people can debate and discuss different interpretations of the Koran and its application to their daily lives.
BUT it also means that those who profess scholarly knowledge of religion (ie Sheikhs and Muftis) have a public space in the Mosque where they have created a hierarchy. So the very absence of structure has forced structure on Islam.
I don't know if that makes much sense.
Anyway- it's been a looooong day and I'm trying to write a Policy and am suffering writers block! HELP
Hey, Peter you should just email me and I'll write back.

Anonymous said...

The last post was from me, Usual Suspect, but I pressed a button to quickly

The Usual Suspect said...

Did it again- dufus!

Egypeter said...

You, writer's block?? Impossible!

And Suspect, I'd love to email you but I don't see an 'email' link on your blog. A little help please :)

The Raccoon said...


Sounds to me like you're looking for Eris. She is the essense of disorder, chaos, and has the most disorganized religion ever.

She is also funny as hell.

I always wondered why females seem to be more attracted to male-centered religions and vice versa. Very strange.

The Raccoon said...

Oh, I just wanted to add that your perspective (as a sane Aussie Muslim) is invaluable... if not unique online.

Keep it up :)

The Usual Suspect said...

Hey Peter
you can email me at sweetsunshine_au@hotmail.com
I don't check that address often but if you email me there I'll send you my other address that is more commonly used.

Tell me more about this Eris? Intrigueing indeed. And thanks for your kind words

The Raccoon said...


She is the Lady of Discord and Confusion. Being a fairly bitchy Goddess, she started the Trojan War because a bunch of other Goddesses snubbed her and didn't invite her to their party. She's Greek, but not picky in followers (I am pretty sure she's not racist - never heard her complain about or even mention race).

She is the Dynamic Principle, promoted by doubt, chaos, conflict, confusion, questioning and (most importantly) laughter and mockery... and opposed to and by the Static Principle - Entropy.

I am pretty sure she doesn't really need or want any worshippers, but she doesn't seem to mind if anyone happens to be so inclined. Ergo, she has no church or congregation. Dogma is anathema to her (unless it happens to be funny at the moment), so she won't have any of that, neither. In fact, most Discordians will not admit to being Discordians - such things carry the risk of being made into an officially recognized religion, which would piss Eris off mightily (yea, verily, Her pissed offedness is fearsome, especially if She
hath a mean hangover).

Uhm. Check out Principia Discordia if you want to know more. Alternatively, read Lao Tze or collections of Koans - She really liked the former and laughs her ass off at the latter.

All Hail Eris!

(all rites reversed)

The Usual Suspect said...

Me lurve Eris!
Hey, if you're ever down this way- drop in. I have open house on Sundays where I do a mean roast with veges every Sunday and open my doors to anyone who wants to break bread and have a good ol' yarn- happy to feed your furry butt (referring here to your post on SM re feeding the raccoon).
Same goes for Egypeter, Queen, Craig and the rest of you. But there's a catch- you have to come all the way to Australia!

Egypeter said...

US - You're too awesome, ya gameela!! I told you I have family in Brisbane. And one day soon I will visit Australia, insha'allah! And your house for a dinner stop will be on the itinerary :)

The Usual Suspect said...

Yr family are in Brisbane so you'll have to catch a plane to the other side of Australia- let me know- I'll meet you at the airport and my house is more than big enough for guests. Hope you do make it here so I can show you my world.

The Raccoon said...


Thank you for your offer... and don't be surprised if a Raccoon suddenly shows up at your place in a few year's time on Sunday :)

I lived in Sydney for a couple of years, and might just come back Down Under for a while... I have some great friends there and, frankly, I think that Australia can be a great place to raise one's cubs... or just chill out for a while.

The Usual Suspect said...

I grew up in Sydney.
On my way there next week and then the week after for work- love the place but Perth is home.