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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Enough is Enough

Right, that's it. I've had it with Sheikh Taj El Din Hilali and his embarrassing, degrading and harmful comments. The man needs a muzzle.

I'm sending out a Petition to all Australian Muslims denouncing his comments and stating once and for all that he DOES NOT represent Australian Muslims, he IS NOT our 'leader', he WAS NOT elected into any position and we DO NOT recognise him.

I'll post it on here when I'm done and I'll send it to my contacts in the media and in government. We live in a democracy- so let's take democratic action to STOP THIS ONCE AND FOR ALl.


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Dom_inNZ said...

Hi Usual,

I think this is a good idea; The aussie muslims I know totally disagree with this guy but also I get the feeling are pretty complacent about the situation. Making petitions might encourage abit of accountability long ignored by the average joe muslim in Oz. great idea and good luck!!!