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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hilaly's Dark History

Conversation with my Dad today:

"I can only tell you what I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own
ears. This man has a dark history. He is a liar and a boaster.

Many years ago he got into trouble because he made some comments comparing Australian women to exposed meat- some very offensive comments. The Government said that if he didn't like Australia he could go back to Egypt and he was facing deportation. He didn't like this. He was pissing himself (my Dad actually said "pissing himself"), walking around like a lost man- he couldn't even make his prayers.

He went to the Lebanese community and asked them to stand up for him. A
group of them went to Canberra and protested against deporting Hilaly. The
government gave in and let him stay.

Then when the Iraq/ Iran war started he got involved with the Iranians.
There was a Mosque where the Iranians would go and he would meet with them every so often. They would tell him what to say and who to target.

His sermons at Friday prayers became political. He rubbished the Arab
states, rubbished Egypt and supported the Iranians.

It was then that I spoke up. I said that what he was doing was wrong, that he should be focussing on leading us in prayer and in preaching about Islam- not politics. His supporters hit me like this (my Dad shows how they hit him). They told me to be quiet- they said not to question the Sheikh.

If anyone spoke out, they would send around his heavies to knock on their
door and tell them to keep quiet. This is how they operated. Like a mafia. His
heavies kept people in line. People were afraid to speak out.

He even tried to send some young men to Syria to carry out terrorist
activities. I heard this with my own ears. This happened in front of me. I can
only tell you what I heard and what I saw. He tried to recruit some young ones.
I cannot say what happened because I don't know but I don't think anything came
out of it- I only know that he tried.

This man has a dark dark history. He is only interested in increasing his
own profile. Every Friday he would tell worshippers at the Mosque "What will you
do without me? Muslims in Australia will be lost without me as Imam". Eventually
he convinced them to give him the role of Mufti.

This man is a liar and only cares about himself. He is supported only by
people who want to increase their own profile as well- that's why they attach
themselves to him.

There is more that I can say. But I will only tell you what I heard and
what I saw with my own ears and my own eyes. There are other things that are
said about him- but these things I cannot verify- but I know what I heard and
what I saw."


ramy said...

... and here I was naively thinking that dude was full of hot air. It turns out he's every bit as bad as his sermons. I think you should actually start a petition calling for this guys deportation. This guy is bad news and whatever he does will eventually come back and bite the Australian Muslim comunity in the A**.

kinzi said...

Good on ya, Us/Su! I can't believe he felt he could verbalize this! Very courageous of you, and I'll be praying for courage and a loud voice!

Katie said...

Hey check this out, they're making 'Deport Hilaly' t-shirts now! Very amusing...I am tempted to buy one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, US! If you have anything else on this guy, please post more. Nice to know some people are, if not folled, ready to tell this. Your dad was lucky :).

See Sandmonkey's blog for news on the Cairo sex assault at Eid recently byt the way. Some of those bloggers who discussed it were picked up by the police.

LOVELY graphic on your first page.

Anonymous said...

aaah, fooled I meant!

The Usual Suspect said...

I hear a lot of stuff about Hilaly from my parents because the Egyptian community is so small that everybody knows everybody's business (a lot like Egypt actually). My Dad was very particular in this story to tell me only what he saw and heard. My Dad is an old man and not in the best of health so when he told me about how they hit him I wanted to cry!

The Raccoon said...

Wait, the whole hitting thing was recent? I presumed he was speaking of years and years ago!

WTF? No report to the police? Or even gathering some strapping Muslims lads and making sure that the esteemed Mr. Hilaly is no longer in a position to have old men beaten, by removing his teeth, for instance?

Religious Mafia... Eris shelter and protect us from the Muslim version of the Sicarii!

The Raccoon said...

I am not even talking about the terrorism and incitement and suchlike. How come nobody knows of this? How come this was not investigated?