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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The real reason my kids think I'm cool...

... is that my friends look like this:

PS: I'm the handsome one!


The Raccoon said...

LOL, I didn't realize you're a small-headed female version of GWB! :)

Goodonya :)

What's up with the belts half a meter above the waistline?

Egypeter said...

Damn, you ladies are F-I-N-E!

And I think the belt thing is the new 'moda', right?

Haroun El Poussah said...

I agree with your kids :)

The Usual Suspect said...

Yes the belt thingy is the fashun at the moment here.
This photo was taken at the twin's (two girls on the far left and far right) birthday party. It's posted all over the net already so I didn't think they'd mind me posting it here too!

Miss Fabulous Freelancer said...

Hey Usual Suspect - GUESS WHO THIS IS? ;-) Love the pic!

programmer craig said...

A bunch of hotties! Where can I find a copy of the pic without George Bush's ugly mug in there, though? :O

The Usual Suspect said...

Nice try Craig!

Ask Miss Fabulous- she's in the photo too!!!!

Modern Pharaoh said...

Your all hotties... ;) Except George he's the big homar. lol

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