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Monday, January 29, 2007

My Big News

I have just accepted an invitation to teach a 3rd year unit at the University. The topic is....

Sex and Intimacy in Cinema

The coordinator said that she had heard about my interactive style of teaching and thought that I would be perfect for this unit. Not quite sure what she meant by that! In any case, it sure will be an interesting semester!

I decided to share my big news with my family- husband (H), 16 yr old son (B1), 14 year old son (B2) and slightly younger step son (B3) over dinner tonight. Little did I know that the conversation would end like this...

Me: So... I've been invited to teach a special elective unit at the Uni. It's on Sex and Intimacy in Cinema.

B1: Sounds like a fancy shmancy term for PORN

Me: Where do you learn these things?

H: Ha ha ha, 'porn', that's a good one!
*high 5s B1 and they laugh their stupid 'we are the masters of the universe' laugh*

B1: So Mum will you have teach them about the clitoris?

B2: What's a clitoris?

B3: Yeah what's a clitoris? We saw it on Southpark. It's a big huge pink thing that looks like a hat.

Me: It's not huge OK. Where do you learn these things? Who's letting you watch Southpark?

H: ha ha ha, Southpark, yeah that was funny.

B2: Yeah and it has magical powers or something. What is it Dad?

Me: Don't ask him, he doesn't know.

H: *shoots me a look and suddenly gets all serious*
Well boys... when you have sex...

B3: Ewww gross. I'm getting out of here

B1: Man, our family put the 'DIS' in disfunctional

Me: No son. Our family put the 'FUNK' in disfunctional

So much for my big news!


Egypeter said...


Wow, those are some serous CRAZY dinner topics!!!

Sounds like "H" could be the problem. lol :)

And can I enroll in your course? Sounds fun.

Actually, in college (Purdue University) I took a Human Sexuality course with lots of cool videos...actually, by the end of the semester the class turned into a chore. But I'm sure your class will be a blast - My prof was definitely not as interesting as you :)

The Usual Suspect said...

Yeah dinner topics do get kinda crazy in our house- but I draw a line at conversations about farting- because boys (and grown men) love to talk about farting!

The Raccoon said...

LOL :)

Congrats, TUS! :)

Although, uhm, I have to agree with H and B1 - it sounds like a course on pr0n.

"Me: Don't ask him, he doesn't know.

H: *shoots me a look and suddenly gets all serious*
Well boys... when you have sex..."


Roman Kalik said...


kinzi said...

Yabayay! My growing up years were like that; since my mom worked for Planned Parenthood, she would rant and rave about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies among my peers at dinner. What was worse, she would berate my poor brothers (at 10 and 13!) about getting girls pregnant when it was the bum 28 year old ski lift operaters and construction workers.

Here's a question that has been floating around the Christian blogosphere: if we wouldn't watch our neighbors kissing through an open window, why would we watch actors be intimate on TV?

I think media depictions of intimacy have really put real-life people at a disadvantage to live up to.

The Usual Suspect said...

Your family's dinner conversations must have been interesting!!!

The question you ask is a good one- you are right- we think of voyeurism as somethind that's kinda sexually kinky- but we watch sex scenes on TV without a worry! Got me thinking- I'm quite comfortable to sit thru a sex scene in the company of my hubby or female friends. But if the TV is on and my parents are in the room and there's sex on TV...I have to leave the room- I PRETEND to go to the toilet- just get in there and sit down for 5 or 10 minutes until I think it's over!